Simple Spa

RE-SELLER & CONSULTANT – For New York, USA | Greece | Cyprus

SimpleSpa is a Web Based Appointment Management Software that was developed to simplify, organize and provide analytic Profit/Loss reports to business owners about the status and progress of their business. 

SimpleSpa can be used by business’s such as:

     ● Hair & Nail Salons
     ● Makeup Artists
     ● Spa’s
     ● Solarium’s
     ● Massage Parlors
     ● Medical Offices
     ● Physical Therapy Offices
     ● Gyms
     ● Dance Studios
     ● Other

SimpleSpa offers the following services:

     ● Management of Clients, Staff, Services, Products and Unlimited Appointments
     ● Reminders so your customers don’t forget their appointments
              ● FREE Unlimited Email Appointment Reminders
              ● SMS & Text Appointment Reminders (*additional charges)
     ● Uploading of Files/Image on client’s profile for record
     ● Create Customized Forms (ie: Sign-in, Q/A, Medical History, etc.)
     ● FREE Online Booking (*optional)
     ● Analytic Reports
     ● Gift Cards
     ● Packages
     ● Marketing Tools
     ● Analytic Reports
     ● POS (Point-of-Sale)



Online Booking
POS – Transactions









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