The latest and greatest gadgets to give as gifts

Gift-giving season shouldn’t be confined to Christmas and birthdays, especially with tech as cool as this. There’s something for everyone in this rundown of the latest-and-greatest gadgets.

Rise and shine

Give your nose a reason to get out of bed with Sensorwake’s olfactory alarm clock, which emits aromatic perfume such as Seaside, Peppermint and Toast to start your day on the right note. $80.

Smart speaker

It’s Siri, with a speaker. The HomePod is Apple’s answer to the virtual home assistant trend, but the highlight here is the sound quality. Built-in spatial awareness helps the HomePod cater to the acoustics of the room. $350.

Don’t be a loser

This one’s for the friend who’s always asking, “Have you seen my keys?” The Tile Pro tracker attaches to a purse, wallet or other valuables and alerts users of its location via sound or Bluetooth app. The new series features twice the range and volume of its predecessor. $35.


Stop peeking out of your blinds every time there’s a knock on the door and grab the Ring Video Doorbell 2. The gadget captures the guests at your gate in 1080HD video, letting you answer the door via smartphone. $200.

Streaming movies

From anime to art house, specialized streaming services are popping up everywhere. A subscription to FilmStruck — think Netflix for cinephiles — will be the perfect gift for the film snob in your life. Monthly plans start at $7.

3-D printer

Action figures, chess pieces, knickknacks and more; a 3-D printer is the gift that keeps on giving — er, printing. Give someone the power to create whatever they want with Monoprice’s Select Mini 3D Printer V2. $220.

Get creative

Anyone with an imagination can find a use for the Wacom Bamboo Slate, which digitizes your handwritten notes or doodles and sends them to the cloud with the touch of a button. Gone are the days of messy piles of loose-leaf paper clogging your backpack or briefcase. Starting at $130.

Alexa’s newest model

If you’re fearing an oncoming Orwellian surveillance state, the camera-equipped Amazon Echo Show isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for the best personal assistant Amazon has to offer, this one’s your bet. $230.

VR headset

For those bored with reality, go virtual. Sony’s PlayStation VR headset delivers an immersive virtual reality experience at a fraction of the cost of its more high-tech competitors. $300.

Battle it out

Join the masses and check out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, an online game that just broke Steam’s all-time record for concurrent players. The battle royal drops 100 players off on an island and makes them duke it out until only one player survives. $30.

iPhone X

The future is here, and it doesn’t have a home button. Apple’s new all-screen iPhone X comes equipped with a Super Retina display and facial recognition capabilities, though it’s still unclear if Siri will give compliments for pretty smiles. $1,000.

Throwback photos

Take a stroll back to the good ol’ days, where gas was under a buck and photos were physical objects. Polaroid can’t help with rising fuel costs, but its Snap Instant Digital Camera has a 10-megapixel camera and prints pictures immediately after you take them. $100.

It’s just ahead

Keep your eyes on the road and your phone in your pocket with Navdy’s display. The device’s sleek interface helps you keep track of incoming calls, texts and directions while you look straight ahead. $500.

Facetime your pup

Spot will never be lonely again with Furbo’s Dog Camera, which lets you see and talk to your pup. If they’ve been a good boy, you can even throw them a treat with the flick of a finger. $200.

Bluetooth headphones

The sleek design of Here One wireless earbuds puts ears in a world of their own, using sound manipulation to augment the audio around you. Audio filters like Airplane and City block out noises you don’t want to hear, while ones like Restaurant help you voyeuristically tune into the convo of the couple dining next to you. $300.

Gaming meets cycling

Hop on an indoor bike and into the world of Zwift, an online gaming platform where you’re working out your body instead of your thumbs. For a monthly fee, players can bike multiple courses, join up with a cycling group and even race other players, all from the comfort of their living room. $10 per month.

Smart suitcase

Anyone forced to wear a few extra jackets out of their suitcase at the airport to avoid heavy baggage fees can appreciate a suitcase that weighs itself. The Bluesmart Series 2 suitcase does just that as well as tracks its location and charges devices. $375.

Game console

The Switch, Nintendo’s newest console, lets players control their favorite Italian plumber at home or on-the-go. Trouncing the success of the Wii U, its predecessor, the Switch has met with positive reviews from fans. $299.99.

WI-FI Extender

You want apps in the attic. Browsing in the basement. Eero’s Wi-Fi range extender system is an easy fix for filling pesky dead spots in your home. Starting at $149.

Good night’s sleep

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed gives your slumber a stat line, adjusting itself to fit your night’s sleep and sending the numbers to an app. Plus, it warms your feet. $3,300.









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