Have you ever asked yourself, “why do I need a website when I can just use social media to promote my business?”. If yes, then you are among thousands of business owners who are asking this great question – “website vs social media“, which is best for you?

Why pay numerous costs needed to build a website (domains, hosting, designers, SEO, updates, maintenance, and more), when you could just setup FREE social media pages for your business on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more?

Benefits using social media for your Business

Little-to-No Technical Experience

The majority of the platforms are quite easy to use, and it requires little-to-no technical experience. When creating a business page there are simple straight forward forms that you need to fill out that ask for all of your business information in an organized step by step process.

No need to know any coding!  Simply use the ready made boxes provided by each respected social media platform, insert some text, upload some images, and you’re done!

Optimized for Search Engines

Due to the popularity of social media sites, and the amount of sharing content that takes place, your Business Page on these platforms are are search engine optimized out of the box allowing your page to show high in search rankings when someone is searching for your type of business.

Marketing Tools 

Most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc, provide you with great marketing tools, allowing you to build your own email lists, sell products, etc.

Most platforms provide you with analytic reports to track what visitors are viewing your page, what content the like most, etc., which helps you as a business owner to know what works and what doesn’t.

Benefits why your Business needs a website

First of off, Be in 100% Control of Your Online Presence!

As a business owner, would you rather set up shop in someone else’s store (without a lease) OR own or lease a dedicated space for your business?

To put it in plain simple terms, with option one you are at the mercy of the actual store owner.  If they don’t want your business in their store anymore, then you are temporarily out of business till you are able to find a new location to relocate.  If they decide to not open one day or better yet they keep their store closed for x-amount of days for their own personal reasons, then your business can’t be open either, hence you can’t reach your customers and your revenues will be affected. With the second option of owning or leasing your own place you have much more control over your situation. Any changes in someone else’s business has no affect on yours!

The same applies with having your own website that you have full control versus building your online presence solely on a social media platform.

Setting up shop solely on social platform means your business is ultimately at the mercy of those platforms.  At any given time these platforms can make any changes they please, and you have no other say on it other than just accept their new changes and move on, even if it impacts your business.  Worst case scenario, if any platform decides due to various circumstances to shut down, your business goes down with them, hence losing everything including customers.

One example of such a change was when Facebook updated it’s algorithm, decreasing the reach of business pages.  This change affected thousands of business’s but they couldn’t do anything about it other than just make their complaints but then simply agree to Facebook’s new changes and move on.  Similarly other platforms like YouTube may decide to start charging you to store videos on their servers because you are using their resources for your benefit, or Twitter may decide to become a premium platform forcing businesses to pay in order to tweet to their followers and customers.



Taking under consideration the store analogy, you can have your own store and still setup in someone else’s store, especially since they offer that space for FREE.  This allows you to have full control of your store, and at the same time use someone else’s space to market your business and help increase revenue.  Anything goes wrong on these platforms, at least your website is still online keeping your business reachable for your customers.

To summarize, business owners should use social media as marketing platforms to help drive traffic back to their business website.  Utilize that traffic to grow your customer list allowing you to communicate with your customers anytime and on your own terms and conditions.  As always it’s always smarter to invest in something you own than something that doesn’t belong to you.  We small business owners have no control of when these monster social media platforms may decide to change their rules which may have a major impact on our businesses.  Hence, we highly recommend to our client’s that they invest in their own business website that they own, and use all FREE social media platforms as a bonus to reach new audiences and grow their business.